Family Lawyer Thomas Mallon Protects Clients Rights

If you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, it is wise to hire a family lawyer. The duty of these professionals is to cover legal concerns in a couple’s marriage. If you make a decision to contact an attorney, he will educate you both about your responsibilities and consequences of divorce.

Family law experts focus on dealing with the legal separation of conjugal properties so that couples don’t have to fight over it, which would lead to even more intense misunderstanding. If you have any children, your lawyer will also take into consideration their best interests, making sure their future is secured. These lawyers can help you with child custody, child support, and paternity testing.

If you want to reach a resolution concerning settling issues, you have the best chances of achieving this with a family attorney by your side. Laws can be quite complicated when it comes to familial affairs, and that’s why you need to hire professionals. If you decide to reach an agreement with your spouse without including attorneys, you risk facing legal issues down the road. Like many other individuals, you probably want to avoid unnecessary stress and burdens in your life. If you have some uncertainties, questions, or you need guidance, hire a reputable lawyer who specializes in family law cases.


If you lack proper representation, you could face delay and chaos. As a result, you won’t be able to lead a regular, satisfying life until you resolve your personal issues. If your children are involved, it could take a toll on their psychological and emotional health. You need to hire the best family lawyer you can find if you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. With the help of the right professionals, you will avoid severe issues during your divorce process. If you are going through separation, you should get help now.

Why might you want paternity testing?

Many individuals request this test for their children, but not everyone does it for the same reasons. There are a few instances in which you might require it when getting a divorce. The first situation is when obtaining child support. If you need this financial help to assist with the cost of raising children, you might need to request a paternity test even if you know who the father is. Keep in mind that the court can’t force someone to pay child support if he claims the children are not his. Thanks to this test, the court will make an order so that the father pays for child support.


Fathers usually request paternity testing in case of an unfaithful spouse. Some of them wonder if the child is theirs or not. Sometimes, the mother’s story doesn’t add up, or they just want to be sure. Thanks to this test, they will know the truth. Actions of individuals after hearing the results vary. Some of them want to raise the child as their own, while others don’t wish to act as a father figure anymore. If you are getting a divorce, and think a paternity test could benefit you, discuss it with your family lawyer. He will advise you on this matter, and explain the options of possible outcomes.

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